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Why have an Advisory Board?

Trying to build or grow a business on your own is tough. Whether your business is a start-up or established industry leader, having access to high-quality advice can improve an organisation's chances of success. 

Situations when an advisory board may be beneficial include (but are not limited to): 

  • Guiding start-up companies in a rapid growth phase

  • Companies seeking to take their business to the next level and grow their revenue

  • Creating a new product or service

  • Expanding or moving into a new market segment or industry

  • Moving into a new geographic area

  • Making a transition from a private to public company

  • Restructuring /repositioning  company in the market

  • Implementing major new technology within an organisation

  • Improving your competitive edge in the marketplace

Why an Advisory Board: Welcome

What are the benefits of having an Advisory Board?

According to the Australian Institute of Company Directors, there are many benefits to having an Advisory Board including (but not limited to): 

  • Being able to draw on the knowledge, skills and expertise of people who have practical experience in the business or strategies of like industry organisations

  • Enhance your organisation's reputation and credibility in the marketplace

  • Increase consumer and investor confidence, and 

  • For family businesses, having an Advisory Board can be a way of testing the quality of contribution that can be made by external parties. 

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How does the Program work?

Your Virtual Advisory Board is a 12-month intensive business development program that provides you with access to your own dedicated high-level support team who will: 

  • Provide fresh insights and thinking on emerging or unfamiliar issues

  • Respond to your ideas and play devil's advocate where required

  • Provide wise counsel on issues raised

  • Provide high-quality objective advice, guidance and support

  • Monitor business performance, holding you accountable for your targets and KPI's

  • and more......

The program kicks off with a 1-day intensive strategy session to define your strategy and goals for the year.  We then select your Business Coach and Virtual Advisory Board members based on your specific business needs. 

Each month you work with your Business Coach, and each quarter you will meet with your virtual advisory board. 

In addition, you will attend intensive business development boot camps with other business owners in the program and have the option of attending a 3-day business Development and networking retreat and various networking events throughout the year. 

After the initial 12 months, you can graduate from the program. Renew for another year with the same advisory board or opt for a new board depending on your business needs at the time. 

Standing Meeting
Why an Advisory Board: Text

Program Inclusions


Onboarding & Strategy Development

Program onboarding with 1 Day strategy session to develop your strategy for the year, define goals, objectives, set KPI's and select Advisory Board members.

Monthly Coaching Calls

Monthly 1-hour coaching calls with your dedicated Business Coach.

Quarterly Virtual Advisory Board Meetings

Quarterly 'Board' meeting with your dedicated Advisory Board selected to meet your specific needs (meetings conducted via zoom)

Business Bootcamps

3 x 1-day intensive Business Development Bootcamps

Monthly webinars / lunch n learns

Monthly webinars/lunch n learn seminars with subject matter experts on key topics of interest.

Monthly Networking Events

Monthly virtual and face to face (where possible) networking events to build and foster connections with other business owners / managers in the program

Online Training Portal

Access to dedicated online training portal and suite of personal and professional development training for you and your team members

Business Development Toolkit

Business Development Toolkit and resources to help you grow your business

Listing in our Business Directory

Free listing in our business directory and your business showcased in our newsletters and social media platforms

Industry Discounts

Industry discounts are available through our preferred supplier network

Complimentary session with another expert

1 complimentary 1-hour session with another expert of your choice who is not a member of your Virtual Advisory Board.

Plus: 10% discount for additional sessions 

Optional Annual Retreat

Invitation to attend our optional Annual Business Development and networking retreat.

Why an Advisory Board: Features
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